What drew me to Tarot was not the desire to know of future events, but to see how different themes played out in the visions of various artists.

I’ve always liked series. Variations on theme. I’ve also always liked archetypes, myths, parables, stories, little things to meditate on.

So, tarot naturally caught my attention. Its use, for me, is to serve as a starting point in connecting with the divine, with another person, or with myself. I don’t know if it can know the future better than any other method. If it foretells anything, it might see only a version of the future…a future that is highly possible…a future we could likely figure out ourselves, without any help from little laminated cards. Funny how we sometimes need help to see the obvious. But I think that’s what they can do…facilitate seeing the obvious.

More relevant to this blog, I think it can help you to think about your thinking. To see the self-talk in which you engage. To come to a better understanding of how you are seeing yourself or the world…and to entertain another way of seeing that situation.

In the end, they are just pictures on cards. They aren’t any more powerful than any other item.

But pictures can speak to us. Symbols can move us. Their stories can call to us. Within their faces can manifest our own dramas and dilemmas, our own gods and spirits, our own players and plots. They can be a doorway to the self, to the “collective consciousness”, to the Duat. And therein lies my intrigue.


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