My practice

I look to historical sources (or secondary/tertiary sources based on those historical, primary sources) first and foremost for inspiration and “fact checking” in my spiritual exercises and practice. However, I don’t feel bad about modernizing and personalizing. If anything, religion must be relevant–both temporally and culturally.

I try to do devotions regularly, both formal and informal.

I keep an akhu shrine.

I try to live Ma’at to the best of my ability. This means learning more, both about my spirituality, world, and self. It also means living my values and working towards my potential.

My practice is largely piety focused (aimed primarily towards Aset, Wesir, Amun-Ra, and Het-Heru, but also incorporating others at times).

I know this will sound paradoxical, but I am an agnostic who chooses to be polytheistic/pagan. I sometimes gets little “hints”  this is all relevant to some end beyond myself. This warrants a full post, which I hope to complete at some point in the future.

I’m nine years in, and it seems I’ve got more in me yet! This faith has led me to some interesting folks and stood with me through some trying times. Here’s to the future.

Dua Netjeru!


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