Fellow bloggers

The following are a few Kemetic blogs. If you know of one (or have one), please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.


The author of this blog is very knowledgeable and devoted. This blog is a devotional site to Aset. She often posts links to other sources of information, hymns to Aset, and various information on Aset’s epithets, festivals, roles in the mythos, etc. I have found lots of other awesome blogs and resources by reading her blog. She is in the process of writing books (yes, with an “s”!) on Aset as well as other Goddesses.

The author of this blog is extremely knowledgeable on various aspects of Kemeticism. The author is a devotee of Seth as well as Wesir/Ausar/Osiris. You can read about the Netjer (both what is known from archeological and mythological evidence as well as UPG), Ancient Egyptian practices, and other helpful tidbits about practicing a Kemetic path. This author strives for a sense of community, and is very open and friendly.

Yet another well read and well practiced author! Ms. Kiya Nicolls is a published author. Her blog posts are always insightful. She posts about pretty much everything, from festivals and how to celebrate them to reflecting on the meaning of various symbols and cultural practices of the Ancient Egyptians.

Crook and Flail







**This page is in the process of being updated. I hope to have short descriptions of the other blogs shortly and add to the list as time goes on**


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