Shame, Trust, Safety and the Freedom to Make Magic


Shame. It impedes so much.

It’s easy to succumb to the impulse to think that it’s something to be overcome, and that’s the end of it. Freedom, eh?

And yet…

Someone completely without shame is a sociopath.

Shame is a guide. It can help us to understand how best to fit to the fractal puzzle which is human relations. And once having learned its lessons, it’s time to let it go.

But we don’t.

Unfortunately, we tend to seize it too closely, to internalize its voices, to make into Big Truth About Me what should really only be a gentle nudge, a wise voice about how to be a Better Me.

And because Shame is so powerful, we can learn to cower from its view. We can learn to be timid about expressing ourselves, for fear of feeling shame.

And so we come to the challenging work of Letting Ourselves Shine…

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