Celebrating Ma’at: Keeping your word and the Four of Wands

Today, the virtue was keeping your word. The card I pulled was the four of wands (excitement, celebration, and, in the deck I am using, completion of a phase/cycle).

What if when we keep our word, we complete a cycle?

A cycle of truth and of trust. One in which we place another brick into the bridge of a relationship – the bridge between you and “other”. To keep your word is to place mortar between others’ expectations and the outcomes. You provide evidence of your reliability. Trust is built. The same happens when others either uphold their word to you or fail to uphold it.

The cycle starts when the commitment is made. The cycle turns as time passes, and the deed is either done or abandoned. Completion occurs when one delivers the goods or services promised…or when they never appear. One outcome builds your honor and trust in the eyes of another (or endears you to the one who kept their promise to you). The other can breed many other things – sorrow, pity, disappointment, distrust.

There are very good reasons not to keep your word. In such cases, explaining your circumstances goes a long way  – sometimes building even stronger bridges than those built when promises are kept. The situations use the bricks of communication, with honesty as their molds and authenticity as their mortar.

When the cycle is complete and the wheel returns to its start, if the person has delivered (or been honest in why they couldn’t), whether the recipient recognizes it or not, they could have new reason to have faith in humanity…or at least in the person who’s delivered.

Keeping our word to ourselves…I’d imagine that builds efficacy and self worth. “Yes I can do it, I’ve done it before!” Or, “Yes, I matter enough to myself to do as I say. I told myself I would finish that project/go to the beach. I should do that for myself.” Sometimes, we forget that we matter.

Keeping your word to yourself is just as important as keeping it with others.

Keeping your word isn’t always easy. I gave up sweets for 40 days. I am eating a Millionaire my mother sent me for Valentine’s day. Whoops!

But, its the difficulty that enhances the trust-building. We need to be able to trust each other…and ourselves. Trust in the self can be the difference between succeeding and never trying. Trust in others is the difference between intimacy and acquaintance.



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