2016: Resolutions and a Change of Pace

I’d be lying if I said one of my resolutions was to blog more often.

But, I do miss it.

So far, I’ve kept most of my resolutions. They aren’t too hard to keep…I’ve set the bar low to encourage success.

  1. Take care of my ka: Do some form of daily spiritual practice (which I call devotion)
  2. Take care of my body: Exercise in some form 3 times a week (this can be as simple as a walk in the park). Eat healthy meals I cook at home.
  3. Take care of my mind and profession: My comprehensive exams are coming up…and its time to study.

Reinstating these practices has brought me a great deal of peace. I feel better. My anxiety is less (for now…the exams are still months away, haha). I am more appreciative. I am more motivated to work. I even manage my time better.

I think it was all spurred, however, by a form of integration that started late last year. First, it came from my significant other. He helped me talk through some friction I’d been experiencing in my spiritual life, which helped me to integrate my “spiritual side” with my “everyday, scientific side”. Now, I feel like I wear less hats. I feel like both my “normal” life and “spiritual” life are less at odds, and that I can live them both together.

From there, I started to come at my spirituality a little differently. I am nearly rediscovering things I took a great deal of time and effort to create…and they are reborn with more meaning than before, thanks, I think, to the integration. I am looking at Tarot anew, through a lens of mindfulness meditation as well as prayer and a means for tapping archetypes. My calendar is being practiced, and I am integrating more meaningful practices into it. I’m rereading some old books (Temple of the Cosmos) and realizing things I hadn’t before. I’m also reading new books (one on Self-Compassion” and realizing thing I hadn’t before.

I also got a hint from, go figure, my graduate advisor. He told me that my interests outside of work didn’t have to be separate from those interests within work. I could find a way to integrate the things I am passionate about in my “not work” life into my work life, and listed ways I could do this. I have started to do that, and its made me more passionate about my profession. I have enjoyed work and school more than ever before. Once again, I feel like two more of my hats are slowly merging, or at the least, becoming so similar that switching them brings little of a difference.

And tonight, I spoke with two dear friends. These two folks have been very near and instrumental to my spiritual growth over the years. One is also in the throws of a spiritual renaissance, while the other is still in search of a viable spiritual community (I live farther away from both of these folks). Today, one friend reminded me the importance of my resolution, and the other reminded me of how important it is to cherish the ones you care about.

It is a lucky spot in life when you find yourself with someone you can relate to. It is a lucky spot in life to be surrounded by people you love, with a future that looks well and bright and a challenging goal to grapple with in the mean time. I have friends that I made at another time in life but from whom I live far away (these two and others included). And yet, whenever I pick up the phone or email them, its as if no time has passed. When I go back home, their doors are open. They are family.

One of the above mentioned friends keeps a little book of “lessons” or “realizations” she has during meditation. I have started doing the same thing. I’ve also started to do a card-a-day draw to give myself something positive to focus on for the day when I do my morning devotion. The other above mentioned friend just started a blog for his spiritual thoughts.

While it would change the function of this blog, I am thinking of posting some of my “realizations” to this blog, to spur conversation among Kemetics and any one else who cares to join.

Time will be of the essence, and this will require some thinking. But I’ll try it for the month of February and see how it works out.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Louise Pare-Lobinske
    Feb 01, 2016 @ 18:38:21

    I’ve heard that a lot of people get realizations during meditation. I get mine during Daily Rite, during the “do what you want” phase. I’ll certainly be happy to join the conversation.


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