Mulled Wine


It begins where the smoke hits your eyes: smouldering peat,
Mutton stew on a broad iron hook,
Deep snow. How can it ever have been summer?
Apples wrinkling and mice in the barley—
With so much to fear, thank the gods for company!
We’ll tell our tales, remember how we passed the cold
Last year, and that before. And those who couldn’t.

The grape leans across
The seasons, clasps the hand of summer’s
Dried rind, dreaming the new fruit,
Calling the sun back,
World without end amen.

                                           —Mark Green

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Music for the Wheel of the Year

Humanistic Paganism

Our own Bart Everson has put together eight music playlists for you enjoy for each station on the Wheel of the Year. Enjoy!

yuleYule (10 tracks)

CandlemasCandlemas (22 tracks)

vernal equinoxVernal Equinox (23 tracks)

may dayMay Day (13 tracks)

summer solsticeSummer Solstice (16 tracks)

lammasLammas (23 tracks)

autumnal equinoxAutumnal Equinox (25 tracks)

samhainSamhain (8 tracks)

The Mix-Master: Bart Everson

15361388775_0be73debd1_z-2In addition to writing the A Pedagogy of Gaiacolumn here at HumanisticPaganism, Bart Everson is a writer, a photographer, a baker of bread, a husband and a father. An award-winning videographer, he is co-creator of ROX, the first TV show on the internet. As a media artist and an advocate for faculty development in higher education, he is interested in current and emerging trends in social media, blogging, podcasting, et cetera, as well as contemplative pedagogy and integrative learning. He is a founding member of the Green Party of Louisiana

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