Possible posts, a Neopagan/Earth-centered grad student support community, and the lack of time to do it all

I have a few posts I’d like to make…

One about how I’ve been looking into atheopaganism, naturalistic paganism, and exploring my thoughts on theism and agnosticism in general.

One on change and self-transformation, a lesson given by chlorophyll and autumn, regarding how leaves that change color aren’t leaves that die but trees that adapt.

One on mindfulness and anxiety.

Another on how my practicing is changing in a really, really good way…how I’m finally blending my love/reverence for nature with my Kemetic paganism in a way that is meaningful to me.

One on how I am learning to be myself at a time when my sense of self is challenged.

Another on how my spirituality, loved ones, and honestly counseling are helping me to navigate the changes grad school and love are making in my life.

But…that grad school thing is an awful time-sucker. I thought many times about starting an online group for grad students who also practice a neo-pagan and/or earth-based spirituality. It can be hard to branch out from the people you see at the office…because you spend that much time there. I know a woman who is also Kemetic who lives just an hour away. She and her husband are the sweetest people…when I moved up here, they truly and generously extended their welcome and kindness. But I struggle to find time to clean my house, speak to my relatives, and engage in self-care. Sometimes, I feel guilty that I haven’t had more time to visit her. But, due to the internet, we can keep in touch via other online groups.

Its not that I need the support for spiritual reasons. Its just nice to have others with similar spiritual outlooks who are also in a similar spot in life. Grad school is one experience that can challenge you in a lot of ways, and its good to have a few support systems. In some ways, academia is its own, strange sub-culture. You learn about your field and who you are…and that can challenge the structures you’ve built in your head. Its good to talk about that cognitive dissonance…or at least have the resources to straighten it out. The internet is a blessing, because if used properly, you can pull a truly diverse group of people together who share a common interest or two and a few shared experiences.

I’m not sure there are enough people who would desire such a group. It makes me wonder if there is enough “demand” for it…because without that diverse sample, there’s little point, eh?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lplobinske
    Nov 14, 2015 @ 20:39:42

    My husband did grad school in the 1990s. I wish he were on WordPress so he could share his insights with you. He said he could see how some could react to grad school the way you have. I wonder, can you send out some feelers? Maybe ask on Facebook, if you started this group, would anybody come? I tried that and discovered there is very little call for a Lean In group in the Tallahassee area (maybe I need to try that again on LinkedIn). As for the posts you wish you had time for, I have the opposite problem: no job and all the time I could wish for, but I can’t manage to post every day. Any of those post proposals could turn into an interesting post. I’d read them. 🙂 That’s cool that you live near a Kemetic. My temple is so spread out; the woman who’s been teaching me (my “priest”, I guess you could call her) is several states away. I’ve kind of resigned myself to being a solitary, at least for now, and especially as long as the gods want our temple to stay dormant. I keep hoping for a change in that but I guess the gods are on their own time schedule. Anyway, good luck in grad school. What are you studying?


    • cardsandfeather
      Nov 15, 2015 @ 16:38:55

      Thank you for your comment!

      Your idea of sending out feelers is a good one. I have a few Facebook groups I am a part of that would facilitate that sort of exploration. 😀 I may do that later tonight! Also, thank you for the support regarding my post topics. I will likely have time to myself during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, so I think I will work on a few of those.

      It seems like a major theme with Kemetic temples is that they are spread out. It makes sense…there aren’t many of us. It would be a dream come true if there were enough of us in one area to have a group that could meet in person regularly. But its good to have a group, even if they are far away. I hope that your gods decide to “awaken” your temple soon. That will be very exciting. Do you have any idea when that might be?

      Thanks for the well wishes! Finals are coming, so I will need them. I’m studying Industrial-Organizational Psychology, which is different from other types of psychology. It deals with organizations rather than individuals (so we don’t conduct therapy, but we do conduct interventions to make organizations happier/more efficient places 🙂 ).


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