Just dropping in

It appears as if I’ve been away for quite a while.

Life’s happened (like graduate school…the teaching chapter of my life is at a close). In many ways, I’ve distanced myself from the pagan community (in general but also the Kemetic online community as well). Maybe its because I focus on piety rather than magic. Maybe its because my practice has moved away from fledgling and into something growing “older”. Maybe its because I got tired of “the drama”. Maybe its because I’ve gotten so busy with work and school and things that this is just one thing that fell away.

Its been so long since I’ve really “hit the papyri” (see what I did there?) that I feel I’m rather rusty when it comes to a lot of it.

But I will say this…I’ve eeked out time to slowly come back, and it affords me a clarity and a connection that I need. It keeps a lot of things in perspective…the big picture. And it reminds me of my roots and where to place my leaves to capture the little rays of light that trickle down from the canopy to my humble underbrush.

Its especially helpful when I can spend more than a fleeting second in meditation or reflection or prayer or devotion, but sometimes that’s all I’ve got. Even then, its refreshing.

Its made me want to reach out again to the online community. But the Kemetic community seeks quiet nowadays. I’m not on Facebook (nor do I desire to be). Does anyone know of anyplace that has a little bit of “bustle” to it?

I have to say that I feel my agnosticism lies at the heart of my Fallow Times. But, that’s a post for another day.

I wish I could say I will make it. I suppose we will have to see. The only research I’ll have time for will be school-related these days, so the days of reading and writing in this venue will have to wait. But with the theoretical and literature-based approach on hold, maybe its time to awaken the empiricist within? šŸ˜‰