Boat Paddling 101: The Basics

The Twisted Rope

Just a little over a year ago, I wrote a post that likened the Kemetic community to islands. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this post would end up opening a whole can of worms that would rocket my Kemetic “career” down a path that I was not expecting. This singular post would end up summing up a large portion of my Kemetic goals and ideals, and would end up being summed up in the catch phrase of “Boat Paddling”.

Eventually, this boat paddling thing would catch on, and I’ve found that others want to learn more about it and possibly get in on it. This is the first in a series of posts where I attempt to help others work on being boat paddlers and incorporate boat paddling concepts into their Kemetic practice.

boat paddling

What is boat paddling?

To go back to the post linked above, I see…

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Not so long ago, I wrote a post on purity for the Kemetic Round Table. However, this post was largely about creating a pure ritual space. The physical is important in this context because it influences the spiritual/mental so profoundly. Physical purity is a part of spiritual purity. Purity is also a “head-space”, a frame of mind and a mood as well as a state of being. Its built by actions and attitudes. Its an end goal, but like Ma’at it is also a process.

I think our spiritual selves are created continuously with our own actions and attitudes. In my opinion, “purity” in life occurs when we have successfully established some degree of our personal interpretation and manifestation of Ma’at. “Purity” in ritual occurs when we return to a point of Ma’at for the duration of our rite.