Love is patient, Love is kind

***This is a post almost entirely supported by UPG (unverified personal gnosis). Also, I am using this post to explore a UPG I received. I don’t normally attempt to stretch other faiths’ texts to fit my practice. I am doing so here to think through and possibly get feed back from other Kemetics regarding an experience. Please keep this in mind as you read 😀 ***

I celebrated Wesir’s birthday today. On the day of the Lord of Eternity’s birth, I tend to focus on the concepts  of Ma’at and wholeness (which relates strongly to enlightenment to me). I find Him to be a gentle god in many ways, a somewhat affectionate Netjer–deserving of the epithet Lord of Love.

Birthday Cake by WIll Clayton; from Flickr

Birthday Cake by WIll Clayton; from Flickr

I often pray that He teach me Ma’at. And for some reason, today, I also asked that He teach me love. It came up spontaneously, unexpectedly, as prayers often do. More


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Hey there everyone.


Life has gotten a little bit…hectic. In a good way…sort of. But, I will be writing something soon! Within the week! So until then,


Happy Independence Day!


Dua Aset! Dua HetHeru! Dua Wesir!