Words of Power

The Temple of Maát

Em Hotep!

Words.. whether they are spoken, written, thought or imagined they are very powerful tools.

SPOKEN: When we speak, our words are a reflection of our true self. Being mindful of our words keeps chaos at bay.  Just as a kind word warms the heart a bad word sours the heart.

I am not talking about “curse” words or foul language, I am talking about the intentions of your words. If you constantly judging others, critical of yourself or generally speak in the negative tense, your words are not doing your heart any favors.

What about “curse” words and foul language? Well I have a filthy mouth by some folks standards. I use all of the big dirty words on a regular basis. However I never use any phrase that wishes ill will towards another person. In that sense of using bad language, it is cursing which goes against…

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